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About the Masterclass
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Does anybody truly and deeply love life? Or is that simply a story, a pipe dream, told by people telling lies or who want to sell you something?

This masterclass began with the ultimate belief that there must be something more to life, something we are all missing. How could life be such a mess? Roles to play, expectations to meet, anxiety, guilt, addictions, blame, mental illness and conflict, all formed in a sea of subjective opinion and causing endless, involuntary overthinking?

Turns out, the problem is not the problem, the problem is your thoughts about the problem. The mind is the most powerful tool on the planet, yet we were never taught how to use it. Imagine if you could choose your thoughts. What you think, when you think and if you think at all.

Your life situation is NOT taking your peace, freedom and happiness. It is your thoughts about life that take your peace and make true happiness and fulfilment hard to find or sustain.

Zen Jungle is an 11 step masterclass. A book, audiobook, course and retreats that represent a transformational journey through “wisdom that really works”. The secrets of the mind, thought and the universe itself are unlocked, as you unlearn lifelong conditioning and create a whole new relationship between your inner self and the voice in your head. Soon you will see that happiness is found inside and not in people, places or things on the outside, and it’s all available to you RIGHT NOW.

Diverse and comprehensive, this masterclass helps you to discover a new state of being where fulfilment, joy, love, adventure and peace reign. It’s a path to the only true peace and freedom, freedom from your mind and that voice in your head.

If you want the secret of how to truly love life, seek truth, want awakening, enlightenment or deep moment to moment fulfilment, this will surely become your transformational “go to” manual.
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Love life, we believe everyone can...
Our mission
to help the whole of humanity to love life, free from overthinking
and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.

Our vision

An awakened, unpolluted world at peace, free of mind and ego.

What we value

Truth - Simplicity - Compassion - Spirit - Nature - Love
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