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This is the ultimate way to experience transformation. Over 3 or 5 days you will learn the masterclass first hand directly with the zen jungle team.

All of the 11 steps are covered, leaving time for practice, questions, personal coaching and more. We will be offering our own purpose built location, as well as doing international retreats in perfect locations.

There will be talks, workshops, and lots of time to find peace and start the process of transformation. Locations will be deeply embedded within beautiful, natural settings, all hosted within luxury, self catered lodges.

Our UK retreat centre opens very soon. In the meantime, buy the book, become a member and start your transformation.
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About the Masterclass
Now available on kindle, in paperback and as a complete, 15 hours of unabridged Audiobook
Does anybody really, truly and deeply love life? Or is that simply a story, a pipe dream, told by people who usually want to sell you something? That’s how the Zen Jungle masterclass began. In the ultimate belief that there must be something more, something that we are all missing. After all, how could life be such a mess of roles to play, expectations to meet, anxiety, blame, guilt and endless, involuntary overthinking? A cycle of perpetual but never satisfied optimism, that leaves us chasing happiness for tomorrow, at the cost of never experiencing it today.

It turns out, the problem is not the problem, the problem is your thoughts about the problem. The mind is the most powerful tool on the planet, but we were never taught how to use it. The result. We cannot choose our thoughts or even choose when to think and when not to. Often involuntary and almost always meaningless, it is not life, but our thoughts about life, that take away our peace and make happiness almost impossible to find and sustain.

The Zen Jungle masterclass is an 11 step, transformational journey through “wisdom that works”, lessons and knowledge you were never offered and never learned before. The masterclass has a clear destination, to take you to a place where you “ truly love life”. It does so by unlocking the secrets of the mind, thought and the universe itself. Learn what you never ever knew and unlearn your life long conditioning, discovering a whole new relationship with the world outside and with yourself, inside.

The masterclass is diverse and comprehensive, and culminates in you finding a state of being where fulfilment, joy, love, adventure and peace reign. It is also a path to the only true freedom. Freedom from your mind and involuntary thoughts.

For those seeking a journey to truth, awakening, enlightenment and as the title suggests, the secrets of how to truly love life, in every moment of every day, this will surely become your “go to” manual.
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